This Catalog Raisonné includes the complete known works of José Guerrero (1914-1991) and all related information; hence, it is an essential tool for understanding his oeuvre, which is the main objective of the Center dedicated to his figure. After a first edition on paper (2007), a second on CD (2012)—both in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica—, and a catalog raisonné of works on paper (2017), we present the third edition. On this occasion a digital version made possible by the grant of the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Our objective is to offer updated information for each known work by José Guerrero in a format that will allow for constant real time data renewal and revision, facilitating the traceability of each work while increasing the corpus as a whole. In order to maintain Centro José Guerrero’s spirit as a public service, we have opted for free and universal access.

In relation to ­­­prior editions, we have introduced a number of changes. Aside from updating information, new works have been incorporated. In the first edition, 1403 works were included, making up the main body of the catalog; in the second 1502; and in the current edition we have incorporated 1786 records as of December 2022, which also cover works on paper. The initial sequence has been maintained allowing for successive incorporations to be added consecutively starting from number 1404, regardless of where they would be placed historically within the artist’s production. Conversely, the actual chronological order is followed in the ordering of the initial 1403 records. Nevertheless, this does not affect the digital presentation which displays works chronologically. We must also note that one work was dropped: the drawing corresponding to number 281 which had been mistakenly attributed to Guerrero by the museum whose custody it was in (the Metropolitan Museum in New York).

In order to prepare the database we have revised all the information. Likewise, we have homogenized criteria and references with a design that is perfectly adapted to the publication’s new format. Among the virtues of this new digital edition we can cite the optimization of search engine use,  greater accessibility to content—that will be free and universal from now on—, and the possibility of permanently updating the database. We trust all of this will lead to the surfacing of more works that are unaccounted for as well as allowing for a deeper understanding of José Guerrero’s work.

Yolanda Romero, co-author of the first edition, which continues to vertebrate the research on which the catalog rests, entitled the text written on the occasion of its presentation “A Reasonable Catalog”. It was an elegant and honest way to “show its wounds” as Joseph Beuys proposed; in other words, recognizing that the locations of a great many works were unknown. This title maintains its relevance. Close to three hundred works have been located since then, but this third edition of José Guerrero’s opus cannot yet be considered complete and thus continues to be reasonable. We are committed to advancing toward the horizon of a catalog raisonné, which may be closer from this point onward.

Notes on Indexing

The publication of the digital and interactive Catalog Raisonné of Jose Guerrero’s work is the culmination of one of Centro José Guerrero’s main objectives. The institution has been carrying out continuous research and indexing of the Granadino artist’s work since it opened in the year 2000. In 2007 two volumes including works that had been cataloged until that point were published in collaboration with Telefónica. In 2012 the indexation was updated on a CD that incorporated information acquired in the five previous years, while in 2017 a catalog raisonné of works on paper was published. Fifteen years after the first edition, we now publish the digital version of the catalog, encompassing works produced by José Guerrero between 1931 and 1991 that have been accounted for and whose information is constantly being updated.

The new catalog raisonné listing presents works that have been classified in chronological order and by medium: works on canvas and other mediums appear first, followed by works on paper of that same year. Current and accurate reproductions are available for each work, although some which have proven impossible to find appear in black and white.

Every entry is accompanied by a technical sheet that provides the following data:

Catalog Number

 A consecutive number assigned chronologically that is meant exclusively as a reference for each work within the catalog raisonné. From number 1404 onward, numeration is random, as works located after 2007 were assigned numbers that did not follow a chronological correlation.


Includes the original title in the language chosen by the artist.


Indicates the year in which the work was produced or the beginning and end when execution took more than one year. In the case of works that were painted over by the artist, the initial date is followed by the date in which the work was modified. When the year of production is uncertain, it is preceded by the abbreviation “c.” (circa).


Indicates the materials and mediums used for the production of the work.


Dimensions are noted in centimeters: height first, then width, and finally, in the case of sculptures and murals, depth.

Signature and Inscriptions

Indicates the location of the signature and other handwritten annotations made by the artist when applicable, including an exact transcription in quotes. If the author noted the day and month in which the work was completed, this information appears next to the signature.


The city and country where the work was produced are noted whenever specified by the artist or when the location has been deduced through existing documentation.


Indicates the collection the work currently belongs to. It is presented in greater or lesser detail according to the criteria of each owner.


Indicates previous collections the work belonged to, previous owners, or its provenance before being part of the current collection.


Individual and group exhibitions in which the work has been present are noted in chronological order, specifying the dates, exhibition titles, institutions or entities promoting the exhibition, and venues.


Includes bibliographic or hemerographic references of any relevant citations, noting the author or authors, title, publishing location, publisher, and year. The abbreviation rep. denotes that the work has been reproduced in color or in black and white and the page number. The abbreviation com. indicates that the work has been commented and is followed by the page number.


A wide range of data is available in this section providing significant supplementary information on the works such as hand written inscriptions by the author on the back, the studio where the work was produced, the inventory or reference number it might have at its current location, and other facts.

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Use Limitations

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